modClave: Store & Sterilise

An affordable and compact sterilisation device that addresses waste mismanagement in healthcare by enabling clinics to reprocess instruments, promoting sustainability and emphasizing the importance of waste reduction during product development.

Queensland University of Technology2022

This project was completed over 12-months in the final year of my Industrial Design degree as my disertation project. The projects outcome incluced a reserach thesis and a developed product based on the reserach completed in the first 6 months of the project.

Advanced ReserachModel MakingSustainabiltiyHealthcareMedicalHuman-centered Design

hero image of the modclave


The modClave, a module-based steam sterilisation desktop appliance, is a groundbreaking solution that addresses the issues of waste mismanagement and sustainability in the healthcare industry. Developed through extensive research involving healthcare professionals in south-east Queensland, the modClave tackles the prevalent problem of excessive waste generated by poor waste practices.


While healthcare professionals express their intentions to be sustainable, the reality is that the industry heavily relies on a pay-per-use model, resulting in the disposal of large volumes of single-use instruments. This wasteful approach is particularly prominent in smaller practices, where sustainable alternatives are deemed too expensive and time-consuming, exacerbating the issue of excess waste.

Traditionally, autoclaves have been the gold standard for sterilisation in the medical industry. However, their high cost, space requirements, and inefficiency for smaller practices have limited their accessibility and effectiveness. The modClave revolutionises waste management practices by providing an affordable and compact solution for clinics that are currently priced out of sustainability.


By enabling small to medium-sized medical practices to reprocess reusable instruments such as scissors, tweezers, and forceps, the modClave effectively addresses the pain points identified during the research phase. It alleviates the financial burden associated with traditional autoclaves, which have forced clinics to rely on single-use instruments that contribute to waste stream.

modclave product render


With its potential to promote sustainable practices across various facets of the medical industry, the modClave represents a significant advancement in addressing waste mismanagement. This project has not only enhanced my skills as a graduate of industrial design has emphasised for myself the importance of addressing waste during product development and understanding the need to know explicitly what my users problems are.

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