Reflection Flag

Enhances the interaction between warehouse workers and autonomous mobile robots, improving understanding, control, satisfaction, safety, efficiency, and offering a unique working experience.

Queensland University of Technology | BMW Group | Idealworks2021

This project was completed as apart of a capstone unit at QUT. The project was completed in collaboration with Idealworks and the BMW Group where I was given a grant to conduct reserach and apply my findings in to a design solution.

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hero image of the iwhub by idealworks with the reflection flag attached


The Reflection Flag was developed in collaboration with the BMW Group and Idealworks from Munich, Germany.

This industry-linked project led by the Idealworks’ design team, enabled an advanced discovery process into how warehouse workers interact with autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in the manufacturing environment. Enabling a unique learning experience, interviewing professionals in their field outside of my normal design practice and experience.

Research identified a need for observers of an AMR to be able to understand what the robot is “thinking” and be able to better predict its movements so that humans in the same space as AMR’s may work more harmoniously.


The Reflection Flag addresses the research findings by providing a peripheral device to AMR’s that offers real time feedback to users and observers around the AMR’s local space. The mast head takes in existing LiDAR information and reflects back the AMR’s perception to the observer through the use of an 360 degree LED matrix. Mimicking the user’s position relative to the AMR on the LED matrix as a method of understanding. This displayed understanding allows users local to the AMR to work more efficiently where there are now clear expectations that the robot sees the user and that they can expect it to behave normally. In addition to the reflection function of the peripheral, an interface in the centre of the mast allows for manual override of the AMR without the need for external equipment.


The peripheral works as an effective tool to improve satisfaction and reduce chances of accidents in the workplace. Through the use of mimicry in the LED matrix, and swift manual override in the handle, the Reflection Flag has clear benefits for any AMR found in warehouses.